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A contract was signed for dredging works of the 4th stage of "Construction of the waterway connecting the Vistula Lagoon with the Bay of Gdańsk"

   The contractor will be a consortium of FABE POLSKA Sp. z o.o. (Leader) and Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Czerpalnych i Podwody Sp. z o.o. Under this contract, a fairway 8.6 km long and 5 m deep will be constructed on the Elblag River. The task specifies work on a section of 6.6 km from the Vistula Lagoon upstream and 2 km between points P1 and P2, i.e. roughly from the discharge of the sewage treatment plant to the fork of the river and the Jagielloński Canal . On the P1-P2 section, surveys will be carried out and the bottom will be cleared of ferromagnetic obstacles (e.g., scrap metal, reinforced concrete elements, large-size obstacles, historical military remains). New navigational markings will also be made on it in the form of 8 buoys: 4 rolled red ones on the left side and 4 conical green ones on the right side. The total volume of the work will be about 1.5 million cubic meters. After exploration, the excavated spoil will be transported and built into an island in the Vistula Lagoon. The work will be carried out in accordance with environmental decisions, which stipulate periods when work cannot be carried out. Thus, for example, during the period of the descending migration of the eel (1.09-30.11), dredging works will be carried out only from sunrise to sunset, and due to the spawning of the blowfish, from April to mid-June, halted completely. The contractor will be required to follow the Natural Guidelines for Conducting Dredging and Subdredging Works, which, among other things, means the need to minimize and counteract the spread of suspended solids. There will also be ichthyological monitoring, including measurements of oxygen content in the water, monitoring of the cleanliness of the basin, and ornithological surveillance of the land part of the works and the dredged material disposal site, i.e. the artificial island. The contract from the side of the Maritime Office in Gdynia (Investor) was signed by: Director of the Maritime Office Anna Stelmaszczyk-Świerczyńska, Chief Accountant Katarzyna Brzózka and Deputy Director of the Maritime Office for Investment Barbara Olczyk. On the part of the consortium of FABE Polska Sp. z o.o. and Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Czerpalnych i Podwody Sp. z o.o., the contract was signed by President Fatih Budan and Proxy Zbigniew Barański.

The task is completed! Expansion of the approach to the entrance to the Port of Gdynia completed.

This strategic investment from the point of view of the further development of the port would not have been possible without the involvement and cooperation of the national maritime administration bodies represented by the Maritime Office in Gdynia and the equipment operated by the experienced hydrotechnical staff of the Dredging and and Underwater Work Company. Despite its complexity and large scale, all work carried out by our company was carried out efficiently. The ambitious scope of work included the deepening of nearly 3.7km of the fairway to a technical depth of 17m and a width of 280m measured at the bottom. In parallel with the main work -the task included searching the bottom of the dredged basin, excavating sunken ferromagnetic objects and other objects dangerous to navigation. Periodic surveys and monitoring of the progress of the key stages of the work were carried out. The sand obtained as dredged material was used to reinforce the beaches in Babi Doły, Mechelinki. In the case of the beaches in Rewa, the refull was transported by the ships of the PRCiP’s green-yellow fleet and, thanks to our consortium’s refullers, the sand was fed to a designated section of the coast. The investment abounded in additional engineering works such as the repair of the northern and southern heads of the breakwater. As part of the renovation, foundation works were carried out with steel sheet piling in the form of driven steel pipes and piles filled with reinforced concrete plug and sand. In the surface part, a reinforced concrete cap, a slab of the quay’s surface with complete mooring equipment were made. The whole was tied together by electrical work and the construction of lighting. As part of the main project, repairs were carried out to navigation signs and entrance light lanterns, as well as the provision of new navigation buoys. The main dredging work on behalf of the PRCiP was carried out by the dredgers Łęgowski and Wenda. The dredgers Kraken, Małż II and Swidrak were involved in the sub-dredging work prior to the sheet piling. The latter unit was also involved in taking up navigation obstacles and setting navigation buoys. Work on the assemblies was supplemented by vessels: Marcel, Bodo, Hektor and Anusia. The work was carried out from February 2022 to November 2023.

Vessels from the PRCiP fleet -The grapple dredger Swidrak and the split hopper barge are working on a dock deepwater area to be built at the Gryfia Marine Repair Yard.

The depth is to be 17 meters. This is where the new Gryfa’s dock, which will be numbered eight, is to submerge. Doraco is to build the new Gdynia Wharf, which is to be 300 meters long. Along this wharf will be a dock and a 60-meter-long pier to which it will be moored. The pier is to be an extension of the shipyard’s Gdansk Wharf. The new dock is to be 235 meters long and 47 wide. The project is expected to be completed in the middle of the year. It will be one of the largest docks in the Baltic.



On March 14, 2023, an agreement was signed between the Maritime Office in Szczecin and the consortium of companies, Lider PRCiP Sp. z o. o. based in Gdańsk and Van den Herik Kust from the Netherlands. The contract concerns a tender for dredging and drainage works in the years 2023-2025 on the Szczecin – Świnoujście waterway.

The estimated amount of works is min. 1,200,000 m3. The value of the contract is PLN 56,520,000.00 gross.

fot. Urząd Morski w Szczecinie

Photo: Maritime Office in Szczecin


In 2022, PRCiP Sp. z o. o. celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Uprising. On this occasion, the company’s Management Board invited its employees and retirees to feast together. We would like to thank the entire team for their commitment to work and dedication. Without you, we would not have achieved our goals. Because a company is made up of people and you are its foundation.

fot. Urząd Morski w Szczecinie



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