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Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Czerpalnych i Podwodnych Sp. z o.o.


Przedsiębiorstwo Robot Czerpalnych i Podwodnych Sp. z o. o. provides services at the Krakowskie Quay, the Quay in the Industrial Canal and the Cichy Basin in accordance with the tariff below, effective from February 1, 2023.



services provided by PRCiP at the Krakowskie Quay, the quay in the Industrial Canal and in Basen Cichy.

21272710,5082,401. Water supply – the act of connecting/disconnectingPLN 175 

For the supply of 1 m3 or 1 ton of water from a shore hydrant, a fee is charged (the minimum fee is for 5 m3, i.e. PLN 65) PLN 16

2. Supply of electricity, the act of connecting/disconnecting – PLN 180

– For the supply of electricity, a fee is charged for each kWh – PLN 2,40

3. For the time a ship occupies a place at the quay for operational or commercial purposes, a marina fee is charged for each registered ton (GT) for each commenced day in the amount of: – PLN 2

– If register tons are not specified for a ship, the fee is calculated for each meter of occupied quay in the amount of – PLN

The section from the extreme mooring points of the ship is counted as an occupied quay.

4. For the time when the ship occupies the quay for purposes other than those specified in point 3, a parking fee (rent) is charged in the basic amount for each commenced day:

for the quay (armed) for each occupied meter PLN 12

– for the slope quay for each occupied meter – PLN 6

Parking conditions should be specified in the concluded civil law contract.

5. For the occupation of 1 m2 of land (excluding the waterfront line), a fee is charged for each commenced day in the amount of: – PLN 0,60

6. A fee is charged for 1 m3 of waste per day – PLN 500

For ships mooring at quays, a flat-rate fee for the collection of solid waste per day of berthing is charged in the amount of:

– for ships up to 15 meters long – PLN 10,50 per day

– for ships from 15 meters to 20 meters in length – PLN 21 per day

– for ships from 20 meters to 30 meters in length – PLN 27 per day

– for ships over 30 meters in length – PLN 54 per day

7. A one-time fee is charged for the service of mooring and/or unmooring a ship in the amount of:

– for a ship up to 50 m long – PLN 150

– for a ship over 50 m long – PLN 300

8. For failure to report the fact of using the PRCiP infrastructure, fees are charged in the above-mentioned amount. rates increased by 100% as for:

a) supply of electricity in the amount of the total power of installed electrical receivers and the total time of ship stay,

b) water supply in the amount of the total capacity of the ship’s water tanks, but not less than 10 m3,

c) occupation of 100 m2 of land and total parking time of the vessel.

9. For each weighing of cars on the PRCiP scale – PLN 20

10. The above-mentioned rates do not include VAT, which is the increased value of the service or delivery of goods, in accordance with the currently applicable regulations.



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