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Dredging Queens

In today's Kurier Szczeciński, an article by Elżbieta Kubowska "Królowe pogłębiania" ("Dredging queens"), which brings closer the vessels, dredgers working on the project "Modernization of the Swinoujscie-Szczecin fairway" to the depth of 12.5 m". We invite you to read it.




In reference to the issued on October 29, 2020. in the TVP1 station of the program entitled "Anita Gargas investigative magazine (ep. 171)" to the circumstances related to the performance by Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Czerpalnych i Podwodnych Spółka z o.o. works under the project "Modernization of the fairway to the Northern Port in Gdańsk" and works consisting in cleaning the areas around the Vistula Spit - in view of the unreliable presentation of the material in the above-mentioned scope, including the presentation of false statements and various types of innuendo that undermine the Company's image and aim to discredit it, by creating a narrative that arouses the belief in the viewers of the program that the Company has received remuneration for the work not performed, the Management Board of the Company declares:

The biggest PRCiP dredger is back in action! This time the beach in Górki Wschodnie!

Construction works in the "design and build" formula consisting in artificial shore supply in Górki Wschodnie were performed by PRCiP Ltd. on commission of the Maritime Office in Gdynia. The works were carried out on a section of 600m, and the beach was reconstructed from 0 !

The biggest PRCiP dredger in action! The beach in Władysławowo extended to almost 100 m

I invite you to read the article.



Modernization of the deeper "Świdrak"

The "Świdrak" grab dredge has been modernised. A complete reconstruction of the dredger was carried out by "Etmal".

The work carried out will significantly improve the stability of the unit and increase the efficiency of its operation.

The reconstruction consisted in the insertion of hydraulically driven piles, which, after leaving the unit, stabilize the unit, leaning against the bottom. The large size of the structure required advanced design, calculations and technical preparation. The applied, modern technological solutions will ensure durability and ease of operation of the equipment.

- The pile drives are hydraulic. In the engine room, we installed a generator with sufficient power to supply 2 hydraulic pumps. The piles are 20 metres high and can anchor the unit to a depth of about 15-16 metres. The comprehensive reconstruction also included the execution of electrical installation and wireless control system. Installation works on Świdrak took about 7 weeks.

Sale tug

We have tug for sale:

"HENRYK" tug

Ship Data:

Lc = 29.96, Bc = 8.05, H = 3.90, T = 3.01, GT = 190, Power = 441 kW x 2, V = 12-13 kt, rated load = 13 T,

year of construction 1976 Wisła Shipyard, Gdańsk

The unit has 7 single cabins - a wash basin in each cabin (6 cabins have 2 bunks), kitchen, mess room and bathroom.

All machinery (anchor windlass, steering gear, towing winch and others) are in working order and have no irregularities.

The unit is efficient in continuous operation.

The tugboat has a Class Certificate and a Safety Card valid until 27.04.2022


The minimum offer price is: 850,000.00 PLN


If you are interested please do not hesiate to contact with us.

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